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JOINTVENTUREE.COM professional fee is 1% of current land value payable by landowners. Kindly check if you want to avail our services.

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Promote your property with Joint Venture

Conserve your heritage

Joint development enables you to retain your lineage and leave behind a more convenient and manageable piece of wealth for your next generation.

Address your family’s needs

A large family has varying needs - Brother A wishes to en-cash his asset, Brother B wants to retain space and Sister C wants to divide her inheritance between several heirs. In essence, each individual is aspiring independent ownership.
Joint development can meet all the varied needs.

Advantages of Joint Venture Development

Ensuring appreciation in value

A decision to sell off your property is essentially a decision to cut off the possibility of earning because of land appreciation. Land is a finite resource and in the long run will always appreciate. Hence, the value of your share of shop /office/flat will also appreciate.

Tax benefits for re-investment

Any investment, of the land consideration in retained built space, is exempted from Capital Gains Tax. As against this, outright sale would attract capital gains tax.

Save on Stamp Duty

You save 9% on Stamp and Registration charge in opting to retain flats / offices / shops, since you already own the land. Whereas, if you choose to buy similar property elsewhere it would attract payment of stamp duty amounting to additional 9%.

Keeping your convenience in mind

We will construct the flats/offices/shops to suit your convenience and requirements. We will create an exceptional building with the current best practices and highest specifications, which will make you the proud owner of a branded, landmark building in Chennai.

Creating opportunities for lucrative returns:

Our alliance would bring together your land equity and our brand equity, which in turn will ensure you a premium value for your built-up area as compare to the prevailing market prices.

Chennai’s landowners are sitting pretty as they are now offered an alternate option for joint venture development. It is not the property developers who are innovating this model but a consortium of funds from Japan and Singapore who are offering a new model of residential property development in India across select cities.

The development model provides a comprehensive range of services to landowners. These include funding, development including architecture and approvals, and marketing services. For landowners who are not accustomed to the intricacies of real estate development or financial implications on the development, this option is said to provide an assurance that professionally managed services would be made available.

In what way will this model have an edge over the joint venture development? Under this option, funders will bring with them not just the required expertise to carry out residential development, but additional services like construction finance, architectural expertise, project management team and project marketing. Landowners will just need to oversee the series of developments taking place to transform their raw lands into productive assets. is an online platform where Landlord can meet more than 5000 builders/developers to get best proposal for their Land/property for Joint Development.

Currently, most of the joint ventures deal happens either by the developer to advertise in newspaper or thru broker/ real estate consultants.

This is a very unique opportunity available for all stake holders of real estate on our website. As this opportunity is available for Builders to access number of landowner proposals for Joint Development.

For Landowners, this plate form is free of cost and will help them in comparing the right developer based on their successful Joint Ventures in past and current offerings.

Even Brokers can participate in this platform by uploading their side requirements free of cost.

Value Proposition for Land/Property owner

•       Good for Land owners 15-20% higher from outright sell

•       No Consulting Fee from Landowners

•       FREE Service at doorstep

•       After successful JV, Still Owning an Assets and secured rental income