Company Profile is an online aggregator of property Joint Venture, real estate advisory and construction company.

​​ is an online platform where Landlord can meet more than 5000 builders/developers to get best proposal for their Land/property Joint Development. Currently, most of the joint ventures deal happens either by the developer to advertise in newspaper or through broker/ real estate consultants in India. Many Landlord wants to avail this opportunity but due to lack of information and better deal. They restrain from Joint Venture and prefer outright sale of property.

This is a very unique opportunity where Landlord can get upfront cash as well as best property ratio on our website. As this opportunity is available for Builders to access number of landowner proposals for Joint Development. For Landowners, this plate form is free of cost and will help them in comparing the right developer based on their successful Joint Ventures in past and current offerings.

Even Brokers can participate in this platform by uploading their side requirements free of cost. On a successful transaction, we can share on profit sharing basis or they can purchase yearly subscriptions with us and keep the full commission by them.

We are at trying to understand the pain point of Joint Venture process and assist our client for better utilisation of the current property. We find that many landlords are not able to redevelop their property due to high construction cost or no income source by the Landlord.

This may lead them to have a normal life in spite of having a good land parcel. We are helping our clients to maximise their property potential with spending any money.

Our professional team of Property Joint Venture is currently assisting Landlord and Builders in Chennai and looking forward to expand this business several other cities in India by this year end.

Time is essentials of any property Joint Venture and that’s where we play a crucial role on finding out best builder for our landlord properties.

MAXIMUM GAIN without any investment land.

AT JointVenturee.COM, We have initiated change to organise real estate market and specially redevelopment market — Change for Quality Living. We want to help India to Live Better. Our vision is to become India’s No#1 Property Joint Venture Company with a presence all over India in 50 Cities and staff strength more than 500. TO HELP PROPERTY/LANDOWNERS TO HAVE QUALITY LIVING VIA REDEVELOPMENT OR JOINT VENTURE MODEL, QUALITY LIVING FOR ALL.